Bearing Solution For Steel Industry

Hot Rolling Mill

Hot rolling is carried out above the re-crystallization temperature of the rolling stock. Depending on the product, a distinction is made between plate, hot strip, section, bar, and wire mills. The angular adjustment of the chocks in rolling mills allows the use of four-row tapered roller bearings and multi-row cylindrical roller bearings as radial bearings. The design of the radial bearings depends on the application: Angular contact ball bearings for rapidly rotating rolls under low axial load, double-row tapered roller bearings and axial spherical roller bearings for bearing locations subjected to high axial loads.

hot strip rolling mill bearings
cold strip rolling mill bearings

Cold Rolling Mill

In the cold rolling process, cold strip is generally shaped without prior heating. In comparison with the hot rolling process, higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality together with smaller sheet thicknesses are achieved. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings fulfill the high demand for precision, even in high-speed rolling mills for aluminum. In multi-roll mills for stock that is difficult to roll, cylindrical roller bearings are used as back-up roller systems and ensure uniform sheet thickness and surface quality under extremely high loads.


Converters are used to produce steel from pig iron. A full converter vessel can weigh up to 2,000 tons. Long-life plain bearings are used to support the vessel in a trunnion ring that is itself supported in the converter housing with a swivel facility for pouring. The swivel movement is carried out slowly under a large mass and high shock loads, so the bearings must have an extremely high static load carrying capacity. Misalignments and deformations in the structure must be compensated. 

steel converter bearings
continuous caster casting machine bearings

Continuous Casting Machine

Continuous caster includes ladle turret and casting segments.

A ladle turret carries ladles between the casting position and the tapping position. The bearing supports are continually subjected to high loads as well as abrupt shocks and tilting moments.

In casting segment, steel is continuously cast through a mold to form a strand, then transported and supported by slowly rotating rollers. The bearing supports for the rollers must run reliably under high loads, at high temperatures.


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