Frac & Mud Pump Bearings

Frac And Mud Pump Bearings For Oilfield

Frac, or fracturing pump, and mud pump are critical equipments for oil & gas drilling industry. They usually work continously with very harsh working coditions, like heavy contamination, heavy loads. Therefore, the bearings are requested to have high reliability and load carrying capacity.

LongRoll provides complete replacement bearing products for frac & mud pump which have the same design as OEM, covering most of world popular pump brands.

The Typical Bearing Positions

  • Eccentric bearings for connecting rod, larger end
  • Crosshead or wrist pin bearings
  • Main bearings for crankshaft
  • Pinion bearings

Our Strength In Mud Pump Bearings

  • 100% same design as OEM
  • The only company in China who makes deep research on oilfield bearings
  • Perfect substitute for famous brand products, and much more cost-effective
  • We are the source manufacturer, even industry competitors buy from us
  • Customization service is available, MOQ not requested


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